Current Special: $99/month — $299 Setup Fee

Our pricing is very simple.

One-time Setup fee-

We start with a telephone conversation where we learn all we can about your store and what we want the slideshow to say. Then, getting started requires hours of work scanning in your logos, developing slides for your “store-specific” images such as store hours, website, services offered, etc. We are currently waiving the feefor thisservice.

Monthly subscription fee-

You receive a new show in the mail, on a special USB flashdrive, each month. Included in this package is a postage paid padded envelope, addressed to MyStoreMonitor for the return of the previous month flash drive. These are $99 each per month. We charge this $297 fee in advance, to your credit card, every 90 days. We email an invoice to you for your records.

Buying group & Multiple show discounts-

IJO? RJO? Call us about our buying group discounts. We also offer a Multi-store, or multi-show discount. Call us to find out what you qualify for.


You can cancel at any time for any reason.