While customers are away NOW is the time to build your social media audience and sell jewelry on your Facebook and Instagram accounts.  MyStoreMonitor can help by creating engaging content using the jewelry that you have on hand ready to ship. For only $99 per month MyStoreMonitor will send you more than 75 images each month with engaging content that can be personalized with the jewelry that you have on hand in your store. 

MyStoreMonitor is a subscription service designed to turn any TV screen into a digital sign with rotating advertisements that sell jewelry. For more information about the program click on the overview page link.

Sonya Cantrell from Cantrell’s Fine Jewelry had this to say about the program — 

“Eric reached out to me immediately when stores began closing at the beginning of the pandemic to see what he could do to help keep our social media strong.  I sent him several images and within a few hours he had them ready for me to post.  I posted on Instagram and Facebook and almost immediately sold two diamond rings. I have found that keeping your social media active has helped the most in getting sales even while we are closed.  It was such a relief to have these images as we were all in shock and didn’t know where to begin. Eric made it easy for us!”

Call 682-551-7130 for more information.

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