Please click through the above slideshow for a sample March StoreMonitor Slideshow.

Each slideshow that MyStoreMonitor sends out has at least 75 slides. The monthly slide offering is comprised of three categories of slides. The first category of slides is your store specific slides. These are specific to your store and have your personal information on them. They are your hours, web addresses, store services and affiliations, social media advertisements and your brands. These are the most valuable slides as they reinforce your brand. We can even promote your custom pieces and help sell more of your in-house jewelry.

The second category is General/Educational. These slides are generic product slides designed to illustrate different jewelry styles and educate your customers on general jewelry terms. These slides include the four C’s, diamond shapes, and engagement ring styles. Our hope is that a customer will be able to point at a slide and say “I am looking for something like that.”

The final category are the month specific slides. These slides change each month, and are designed to promote jewelry buying holidays and show that the slideshow is timely. These slides can feature celebrities (past and present), upcoming holidays and month specific events. The heavy jewelry buying holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas will feature a large holiday themed offering. The other months will highlight events such as March Madness, Spring Fashions and other non-jewelry buying holidays like Halloween.

How it Works?