• comstock_ijo_affiliation

    Affiliation Slides

    Let your customers know that they can shop with confidence.  Whether IJO, RJO or other regional groups we can advertise your store affiliations

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  • did_you_know_opal

    Educational Slides

    Your store monitor can answer questions that your customers have not asked yet.  From the four Cs to birthstones our designers can create slides that will give your…

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  • tacori_island

    Product Slides

    How can you show the customer, who just wants to browse in the store, your best selling and most beautiful jewelry.  We can give your favorite jewelry lines…

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  • comctock_buy_gold

    Services Offered

    Do you buy gold?  How about insurance appraisals?  Or jewelry repairs?  Can your jewelers create custom works of art?  How will your customers know if you don’t tell…

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  • jingle_bell_rock_early

    Seasonal Slides

    Every month our design team will incorporate fresh new slides into your monthly show.  We will highlight jewelry buying holidays within the current month and give new anniversary…

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  • mcclave_welcome

    Store Specific Slides

    Let our design team take your store hours, address, phone numbers and present them every few minutes on your store monitor.  We will integrate your logos and homepage…

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